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(revised and updated March, 2021)

We, the Baby Boomer generation, is increasingly concerned with their health.

Older adults are the largest consumers of healthcare among the developed nations population.  That is not an earth shattering deduction.  From what sources do we seniors citizens get their medical information?

In the past medical advice was primarily obtained from health providers, pharmacists, friends and relatives, retirement community staff.  Even today, most of we older adult prefere those sources.

All seniors would do well to know that they can get some basic help and understandings without having to go to office or make phone calls.

A great deal of information is available with just a few keystrocks on our computers.

Some years ago, reliable and trustworthy healthcare and medical advice on the Internet was scarse.  That is not the case today.  All of the major medical fascilities, agencies, and organizations now publish extremely reliable and easy to undertand information on their websites.

Using the list below, you can access the best medical information websites.  This will help us:

  • verify information we have obtained from friends, family members and their caregivers.
  • seek and very advice on our own without feeling they are being spied upon. 
  • retain control of our decision making as long as possible.  

Looking for medical information websites or resources online can be overwhelming sometimes. From forums and niche blogs to Facebook and student pages you’re never really sure which resource is providing most accurate information. Check out these creditable websites to answer everything from your most simple to your most in-depth health and medical questions.

We realize that there are hundreds of sites that discuss health and medical issues.  We have looked over most of them.  These are the most helpful and easy to use medial information websites.

best medical information websites

List of Best Medical Information Websites


Experian Hitwise, an agency that monitors online activities, found that WebMd had the greatest share of visits to its site among health and medical advice sites. While some may knock the site for how busy it looks, you can be sure they’ve left no stone unturned. From infectious disease, to chronic disease, to healthy lifestyle advice, to pet health, WebMd is exploding with health and medical information.

Among all the medical information websites, WebMd is number one.

When it comes to disease information, few can match the wealth of knowledge found on Nearly every disease known to man is given a thorough profile, outlining symptoms, how you to contract, the biology of the disease, and treatment options. In addition, this government site provides statistics on disease distribution and incidence as well as links to a plethora of studies.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Website is similar to that of the CDC, but it conveys a much broader message in a much more global context. In addition to information on infectious and chronic disease, the WHO site stays informed of the latest international news with the goal of improving global public health.


In light of recent food borne outbreaks, access to up-to-date food and product recall information is of increasing value. Whether it’s ground turkey with that extra dash of Salmonella or sprouts with an E. coli surprise, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with informing consumers about the latest in food and product recalls as soon as they are instituted.

Monthly Prescribing Reference (

Since 1984 the Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) has been an essential publication for medical professionals of every cut. As more specialists started demanding these types of references, doctors were given their own unique versions (pediatrics, gynecology, urology, etc.). The MPR provides the most current information on acceptable uses, dosages, side effects, drug-related studies and more.

HealthMap is a Website that uses a number of different news sources on health-related matters to map out the distribution of diseases across the globe. Let’s say a newspaper in India reports 26 cases of dengue fever, Healthmap analyzes and funnels the data to provide users with a searchable, current map of outbreaks in a global and local context.

This Website sticks out from the other fitness websites in that it isn’t constantly trying to sell you something. It is built on a solid foundation of quality information. One of the cool parts about its very wide selection of workout routines, categorized according to your goals, is that it includes space for user comments. The comments help people get an idea of what to expect of a particular workout rather than just taking it for how it looks on paper.

When people reluctantly decide to pursue a healthier diet, they are often under the impression that they have to look forward to a sea of culinary disappointments. But the spirit of this Website runs counter to that. In addition to a seemingly endless supply of recipes for everything from smoothies, to sauces, to salads, to stews the site also offers dieting advice and news.

Sometimes health has just as much to do with mental well-being as physical well-being, and what art blends these better than yoga? At you’ll find more than enough information to get you started on a journey toward becoming a regular yogi. It will help you get your feet wet with all the basic moves and keep you up to date on yoga-related news.

best medical information websites pill identifier

At you can enter the shape, color and other attributes of just about any pill and get a reliable answer back as to what the substance is. This could come in handy for senior citizens rifling through old pills to figure out the difference between their anti-inflammatory and diabetes medications. Also, for concerned parents who stumble across anonymous pills in their child’s room, it could either raise the alarm to substance abuse or simply be a cold tablet. one of  the best medical information websites dealing with persciption and over the counter drugs.

Please give us suggestions for the best medical information websites you use and trust.  We will add them here.


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