Baby Boomer Generation: My Road Cycling Craze

(updated February, 2021)

For this Baby Boomer, road cycling is my new craze. I love it. Not that I am great at it or anything, but I love to have the wind in my ears once again.

Bike riding for seniors is an excellent exercise and social outing.

Baby Boomer Road Cycling

I have been riding for almost a year now. In the beginning, I would only ride about 7 or eight miles a couple of times a week on my Cannondale mountain bike. I thought I was going fast, but I had to stop at a dozen stop signs and signals around town. Yet, it did give me a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that I was doing something healthy.

Join a Cycling Club

Then back in October, I joined the Texoma Cycling Club. I started out riding their 14 mile Wednesday night rides. Soon Charlie Jenkins told me I could improve my speed and ease my effort by replacing my mountain bike tires with slicks. Wow, what a difference that made.

There are plenty of experienced who would be excited and helpful to offer advice for bike riding for seniors.

When daylight savings time ended, after my third Wednesday, night club ride, I joined the group on Thursday, all-in-the-dark 15 mile rides. What an experience that was. Everyone, including me, in their “they can see me in the dark” shirt and lights. Soon Charlie’s wife, Pat, told me I should raise my seat (the one on the bike, lol) “it will improve your efficiency.” So, I did and was surprised how much faster and longer I could ride.

This baby boomer rode throughout the winter, all bundled up, and loved it.

I just completed a week of four rides totaling 70 miles, a new high for me. I remember back when I would RUN that many miles in a week back in college. But, I am not back in college. I am 63, had triple bypass surgery eight years ago, and two stints added a year ago. Seventy miles on a bike in a week is just great.

I encourage you to take up road cycling. You would be surprised how many baby boomers are doing it. Join a club, the comradery and advice is a real plus. You will not regret it.


I have now been riding for more than nine years.  Enjoying it more each year.  

My normal, weekly riding schedule is 20-25 miles on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Then, Saturday, 30-60 miles.  Last year, I rode about 3,000 miles.

There are days that due to weather, that I cannot ride outside.  So, I have added indoor riding on my trainer to my routine.


I did not talk about my health when I first wrote this article.  If you have some health issues, maybe these detail will encourage you as you consider adding cycling to your exercise regimen. 

Back in 2002, I had a triple bypass (CABG).  I have a scare right now the center of my chest to prove it.  Over the years, I have had seven stents put in coronary arteries.  I continue with my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood-thinning medications.  They do not seem to slow me down or cause any added fatigue.  I carry a tiny bottle of nitro tablets in my back jersey pocket.   Club members who ride with me regularly know where they are so they can assist me if need be.  

I may be a Baby Boomer with what some would call a serious health issue.  I do not view my heart issues as a handicap.  In fact, I am motivated by it.  So far, I have come back from every stent.

I have decided, however, that I will never ride outside by myself.  Just a precaution.  

My interest in cycling has grown as well.  I created a senior cycling website this year.  Give it a look… CyclingSeniors.com60s Folks in Their 60s has other articles about cycling.  Click here to see them.




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By Chowning

Richard Chowning was a teenager during the 60s. Being a Southern California resident during those years, he experienced many of the events and trends that distinguished those times.