rock and roll in the 60s

Rock and roll music of the 60s lives on.  For how long?  Who knows.  Maybe forever.

No generation has had their music so esteemed and listened to as the Baby Boomer Generation rock and roll of the 60s. I want to share a few conglomerations of the music of that era.  There are links to charts at the bottom of this article, but first, some videos.

Top Rock and Roll of the 60s Countdown

Who can forget (maybe some would like to forget) Psychedelia by the Mothers of Invention?

Santana – Evil Ways

Woodstock 40th years : Why is The Festival so special?

Other Resources for Rock and Roll Music of the 60s


By Chowning

Richard Chowning was a teenager during the 60s. Being a Southern California resident during those years, he experienced many of the events and trends that distinguished those times.