60s Rock and Grammy

One is supposed to watch the Grammys to see and hear the most popular current music offerings.  When I chanced upon the “big show” I was treated to the tunes of my favorites from the past.  There they were, boomer musicians, in the 60s and sounding much the way they did a generation ago.  Well, in all truth, I cannot call my favorite, Bob Dylan, a great singer.  He never was.  His lyrics for his songs and those he wrote for others conjure up emotions that I own. 

60s music is still appreciated.  Of course, we have plenty of 60s Music articles on this 60s Folks in Their 60s website.

I could not believe the phrase, “who is Paul McCartney” trending on twitter. Now, I could see them asking, “Who was that big guy playing on the drums acting like he was Ringo?” But, who is Paul McCartney. He did play some of his own new stuff, but how, when he sang a couple of Beatles songs could you not recognize who he is?

60s Music Hangs Around

For a long time I have been struck by just how much the music of the 1960s is still playing and that the current generation sings along. I am guessing that the ‘current generation’ became a new generation without me recognizing it.  It is not that the music is eternal, but at least in my home, we played that stuff all the time.  Our kids heard it every day.  It has become their music, at least in part.

Surely, our beloved 60s music will not die with them.

These were some great licks by some of the best from the past.

And, what about the Beach Boys. They sound as good as ever.

But, I must say, just as some young people do not know who Paul McCartney is, I did not know most of the current performers and only really like Adele. Now, she is a talent.  Her music is not 60s music, but I could grow accustomed to it.

He is the 60s Best music currently on Spotify.



By Chowning

Richard Chowning was a teenager during the 60s. Being a Southern California resident during those years, he experienced many of the events and trends that distinguished those times.