Not all of you are familiar with Skype .  I know those of you who are and are using Skype as your phone service, or at least your long distance phone service, are more than satisfied.  According to Skype ‘s published demographics, only one million baby boomers Skype anyone.  Let me introduce the rest of you to the greatest phone service bargain in the world.

Almost all of us use the Internet to buy airline tickets, books, and connect with family and friends through on-line communities like Classmates and Facebook.  The Internet is a phone service and a darn good one at that.  Not only that you can save money each time you use it.

Let’s get real, how many products, on or off the Internet, save you money, and save you money on something that you use every day.  Just like electricity and water, usually tv provider bills, phone bills are a major portion of our expenses.  I have done the research, and I seriously doubt that Skype ‘s two cents per minute can be beat. That is twenty bucks for one thousand minutes (more than sixteen and a half hours). Far more than most of us use. That is the charge from your computer to a mobile or home phone. If you call someone else’s computer, anywhere in the world it is absolutely free.

I use it all the time for international calls. To Benin West Africa 24 cents per minutes…Sao Paulo less than 3 cents per minutes….all cell phones in the UK, Germany, France, Holland and most of the rest of Western Europe for just over 2 cents per minute.

If you are using it for business or just very talkative, you may save more money by subscribing for Unlimited calls to landlines with Skype to USA numbers for $5.95 per month, or get an Unlimited World calling subscription from Skype from $9.95/month.

You pay as you use it. There is no monthly bill nor any minutes that disappear or roll over. One less thing to concern you. Your balance is always visible in the upper right hand corner of the Skype interface.  Your initial deposit can be as little as $10.  We you do use it, you will be leaving money in the bank, I promise.

Besides the savings, there are some great extra features that you cannot get through your cell phone or landline phone. Skype conference application allows you to add many people a common discussion.  If everyone has a webcam you can see and hear each other, and since you are using the webcam over the Internet, your call is computer to computer and thus, all of that, ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Phone conferences are the cheapest on the market, because each conferencee pays his or her Skype fee.  But, remember you can – for free – arrange computer to computer conferences with the grandkids and friends.

How do you get it. Click here:
You will be led through the process. Basically, you fill out a form, download the software, pay a deposit if you wish, and begin using it.

If you want Skype to be your only phone, you can purchase a phone number for $60 per year, $5 per month. So, you can have your own phone number, accessible anywhere in the world and be able to make unlimited calls to landlines anywhere in the world for $17.95.

What more do you want.

Text messaging to your contacts anyone one your Skpe contact list is free and in real time.

Don’t want to use a headset?  You can buy a phone, or even equip your mobile to use all the features of Skype at the same rates.  We the cell phone option, in some cases, you might have to also pay the minutes on you cell plan.

Well, Skype is a great service and great value. Is Skpye a noun or a verb? It depends on how you use it, and I use it extensively. I works for me, so I see Skype as a verb. Without reservation, I recommend you download Skype

By Chowning

Richard Chowning was a teenager during the 60s. Being a Southern California resident during those years, he experienced many of the events and trends that distinguished those times.

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