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The health experts are saying that Baby Boomers are not as healthy as our parents were at this same age.  Well, now I can understand that statement is true for me. At 55 I had triple bypass surgery. And just this year at 63, two stents added. All this after running consistently from age 14 until I turned 60 and my knees started aching.  Boomer health is my health.  So, I am concerned.

I am not belly aching. But, gosh darn it all, how does that happen. My mom had some mini strokes that laid her up when she was approaching 70, but my dad had nothing like that. What’s up with that?

Boomer Health, better?

Yet, I assumed my case of being less healthy than my parents was an exception. According to a new study, it seems my experience is the rule.

“What is the expression? Forty is the new thirty? Alternatively, fifty is the new forty? Granted, most fifty-year-old women do not look like their mothers or grandmothers did at the same age.

 That is courtesy of cosmetics, access to hairdressers and hair colorists, better clothing choices and Sshhh, Botox and plastic surgery, but the truth is that today’s Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964 – with the eldest turning 65 in 2011 – are not as robust and healthy as their parents were at the same age.” (read the whole story)

After the stents earlier this year, I have begun to ride a bike.  Like everything else in the sports realm, I ride hard, at least for me.  What does the future hold for my health.  

I leave that to THE POWER on the throne.  Not sure I want to live as long as my parents, but I do want to live what years I have in some what good health and a measure of gusto.

I thought I would add a couple more cartoons to inject some humor into what has left me with a bit of a downer.

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By Chowning

Richard Chowning was a teenager during the 60s. Being a Southern California resident during those years, he experienced many of the events and trends that distinguished those times.