Melancholy say the experts is sadness, depress, feeling low. I often use the word to describe the feelings I have about the past, wanting to recapture it or sad that it is gone. I have come to learn that is it is alright to be sad some times, even depressed and it may even be soothing to wallow a bit in that feeling, let if fill you and then be done with it until the next time. These five songs let me indulge my melancholy today. Turn up the volume, read the lyrics if you wish, but most of all indulge and move on.

The Weight (lyrics)

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (lyrics)

I Shall Be Released

Sweet Little Angel

Tuesday Afternoon (lyrics)




By Chowning

Richard Chowning was a teenager during the 60s. Being a Southern California resident during those years, he experienced many of the events and trends that distinguished those times.

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