Boomers Better Health With Old Friends

Why Connecting with Old Friends May Be Good for Your Health

Old Friends Connecting

Recent studies have shown that elderly people who are socially active and have a close circle of friends surrounding them are more likely not only to live longer, but also to live healthier lives.  With today’s mobile society, young people being transferred because of jobs, and old people moving to warmer climates for health or convenience, maintaining old friendships is becoming more difficult.  That doesn’t make them less important.  It can be said that new friends are like diamonds, sparkly and interesting. But old friends are more like gold, pure, strong and patinaed with time to feel good against our skin.  And diamonds need a strong gold base of gold to hold them.  In other words, if you have developed old friends over the years, the new ones will settle nicely into this golden circle.


Just about every but the most antisocial of us has had the feeling of being with or talking to an old friend after not having seen him or her for a while.  Don’t you feel as though the conversation just picked up where it left off?  It is a wonderful, secure, comfortable feeling that literally warms the heart and is good for our psychological soul.  New friends are exciting to make, but there is always that nervousness, that feeling of trepidation that you may not be liked, may make a fool of yourself, etc.  Because of a shared history, we rarely have that problem with old friends and we never have to feel ashamed of ourselves.  I have always said that I can never lie about my age because I have too many friends who have known me since I was born.  This feeling of healthy confidence in your relationships is very good for anyone’s psyche.

Imagine if you had to go through your whole life always meeting new people and never being able to reconnect with the ones you already met.  Every social encounter would be a new one where you had to hope to impress, had to be careful to be liked, had to walk on eggshells to make sure you did nothing wrong.  We would all be nervous wrecks.  The “eustress’ of new situations is good for us, but it must be balanced with the comfort of knowing we are loved and accepted as we are because we have common ties that bind us and common battles behind us.


So it is important to reach out and reconnect with our old friends.  Call, write, email and visit as often as possible to keep those old ties strong.  It’s good for your health.

Spending some time with old friends is always a fun thing to do and healthy as well. Discover how it can improve your overall wellness by checking right now.