Kodachrome film

Mama, They Took My Kodachrome Away

Another one for the Baby Boomers memory scrapbook.

We baby boomers grew up with photos being taken of us in our cribs.  Almost all of those photos were taken on Kodak film of one form or the other.  We took our own first shots with our Christmas cameras using Kodak. It was a brand that we have always taken for granted.  Is was synonymous with photography.

According to an Atlantic Monthly article published today, “The very last roll of Kodachrome film will be delivered today in Parsons, Kansas. Kodak has slowly phased out the materials needed to make and develop the film. Only a single operation in the world — Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons — had continued to develop Kodachrome.”

The article: Gallery: Kodachrome Is Dead, Long Live Kodachrome

Then from CBS: “They are fast becoming a memory of Christmas past – photographs taken the old way, with film. And the most famous film of all — Kodachrome — is itself about to become a memory, as CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod reports.” Click here to read entire CBS article.

The Kodachrome Song

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