Joc Cocker

What Would You Do If I Sang Out of Tune

I just felt like a little Joe Cocker, today. I wanted to share him with you. Let his gutsy, gravelly, vocal style carry you for awhile.

We have all made it this far with a little help from our friends, even if we sing a bit out of tune.

Crusin’ down Pacific Coast Highway, this video brings back memories of the Santa Monica pier with the ocean wind blowing in my face and Feelin’ Alright. But, life is just not memories of the past, “there’s too much to do before I die.”


This is not originally Cocker’s but he sings it with a special arrangement that reminds me of those hot, sweaty but oh so exhilarating breaks from school in June and July in California. Summer In the City was the song, but I remember summer at the beaches and running on the roads of Covina.


Heaven’s gift to me. Is there a better love ballad? You Are So Beautiful – TO ME.


I must have been in Africa when this song came out. I don’t remember ever hearing it. But, I really got caught up in it when I heard it today.
Papa, Why Do You Play All The Same Old Songs….Every Generation has its way…So Dance Your Own Dance, And Never Forget Noubliez Jamais (Never Forget)

I reminisce a lot maybe too much. This song puts life’s journey in a right perspective.
Some hang on to used to be
Live there life looking behind ….
Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles fly on a mountan high


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