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How Much Is Life Worth?

Prostate Cancer is a threat to every man, especially for we boomers.  A few months back I wrote about a Prostate Cancer vaccine that was approved by the FDA in April. The treatment, Provenge, has hit the wire services again today.

First off, The Street reported Provenge’s nearest rival, zibotentan, failed it recent trials, as a result AstraZeneca has closed down the zibotentan trials.  That places Provenge in a league of its own for several more years.

Also, today, an article was caste onto the public about Provenge asking the question How Much Is Life Worth? The article is correct is stating that a full course treatment with Provenge has a price tag of $93,000.  However, it goes on to state that it only prolongs life for 4 plus months.  The fact of the matter is that Provenge had a median survival of 4 plus months over the control group.  That is, half of the Provenge group lived 4 months longer and half of the group did not.  The real kicker in the trail, which the reporter neglected to state was that at 3 years 32% of Provenge men were alive, compared to only 23% of the control group, meaning the three year survival rate was improved by almost 50%.

Further, Provenge has only mild side effects compared to chemo, hormone, or radiation therapy.

But, the question remains, How Much is Life Worth?  I am telling you this is a question that will be asked more and more as we boomers creep into the ages where we need more health care.  On another one of my sites is relayed the story of my friend Mr. Cobb and a young VA doctor who told him he did not believe tax payers should pay for his hormone therapy for Prostate Cancer.

Since I posted that article I have had comments from many others stating that they too had run up against doctors who were not recommending important treatment to seniors just because of the expense.

We boomers have paid into to SS and Medicare for years.  We have paid insurance premiums, high premiums, and ever increasing premiums for years, now when we need to dip into these funds the question is being asked How Much is Life Worth?  It is time that we begin to stand up for ourselves in the this realm.  Many of us took part in various just causes in the past, that is one of the hallmarks of our generation.  How Much Is Life Worth?….well maybe it is time to speak out, especially when we are talking about our lives and few outside of our generation are sticking up for us.

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