Back to Hippie Roots – Communal Retirement Living

Baby Boomer retirement – what does it look like.  Are some 60s Folks in their 60s headed back to the commune roots?  Really? When I saw an article, Peace, Love, and Social Security: Baby Boomers Retire to the Commune, in the Atlantic Monthly I was skeptical.  But, but I hooked enough to read it.  I followed up with doing some research on The Farm, which is the subject of the article, and extended my exposure to the wider scope of 21st century communal living.

Moving to Boomer Retirement Communes

From the article – “Laird Schaub, the executive secretary of the Fellowship for Intentional Community, estimates that the United States has about 4,000 intentional communities with a combined population of about 100,000.”  Wow, I had no idea there was that wide of a participation in something that was only on the peripheral of my radar back in the 60s.  The Fellowship for Intentional Community has a website that is worth a look.  It might even be a resource for many of us who find the present economy forsing us to look at novel, innovative retirement opportunities.

It is not all, or even very much, self indulgence.  The Farm offers courses, apprenticeships, and practices midwifery, holistic medicine, and ecology.  A statement on one of their websites says, “We choose to live in community where we share our lives and fortunes, good times and hard times. We feel that we can be stronger and more useful together than we could be separately.”  Maybe they have something to teach the world, and just maybe we are more willing to listen now than back in the 60s.

The Fellowship for Intentional Community site has a list, state by state, of commune around the country and the world.  Might be something for us each to look into one near us and report back.