Baby Boomer Generation: My Road Cycling Craze

Boomer Cycling: Doing it With A Club

For this Baby Boomer, road cycling is my new craze. I love it. Not that I am great at it or anything, but I love to have the wind in my ears once again.

Baby Boomer Road Cycling

I have been riding for almost a year now. In the beginning I would only ride about 7 or eight miles a couple of times a week on my Cannondale mountain bike. I thought I was going fast, but I had to stop at a dozen stop signs and signals around town. Yet, it did give me a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that I was doing something healthy.

Join a Cycling Club

Then back in October, I joined the Texoma Cycling Club. I started out riding their 14 mile Wednesday night rides. Soon Charlie Jenkins told me I could improve my speed and ease my effort by replacing my mountain bike tires with slicks. Wow, what a difference that made.

When daylight savings time ended, after my third Wednesday, night club ride, I joined the group on the Thursday, all-in-the-dark 15 mile rides. What an experience that was. Everyone, including me, in their “they can see me in the dark” shirt and lights. Soon Charlie’s wife, Pat, told me I should raise my seat (the one on the bike, lol) “it will improve your efficiency.” So, I did and was surprised how much faster and longer I could ride.

This baby boomer rode throughout the winter, all bundled up, and loved it.

I just completed a week of four rides totaling 70 miles, a new high for me. I remember back when I would
RUN that many miles in a week back in college. But, I am not back in college. I am 63, had triple bypass surgery eight years ago, and two stints added a year ago. Seventy miles on a bike in a week is just great.

I encourage you to take up road cycling. You would be surprised how many baby boomers are doing it. Join a club, the comradery and advice is a real plus. You will not regret it.