Alice’s Restaurant – A Thanksgiving Tradition

Alice’s Restaurant – A Stage for Protest

A Baby Boomer Generation Thanksgiving tale from the 60s – Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. It is a reality story right from Arlo Guthrie’s life.  And, so it happened back on Thanksgiving day, 1965.  Even if most of us did not share the same experiences with Arlo, we do identify with the issues he presents so well.  More that those issues, we identify with the emotions and sentiments of the time.

Protest, the draft, the induction center, the motives of the recruiters – all of it bring back those old juices many of us experienced in the 60s.  It is a serious topic, but Arlo presents it all with a deserving dose of sarcasm.  Listen to the message again.  Let it take you back to those feelings.  Those feelings are entirely absent in this new age where the majority of young people view the military establishment in a much different manner than it was viewed by the boomer generation back then.
Enjoy this great illustrated version.




The Group W Bench – from the movie