Protests of the 60s – Boomer Politics of the Past

Protest get some play in the news these days, especially the Occupy Wall Street people.  Even with all of the attention, none of the recent protest have the same depth and breadth as the 60s protests that the Baby Boomer generation experienced in their  youth.  The politics of the boomers stretched across the country and in every genre of communication.  Here are some samples:

60s Protests Video Clips

Give Peace A Chance Video

Student’s Video Paper on the History of the USA in the 60s

Hell on Earth: The Real Vietnam Story

Masters of War – Written by Bob Dylan and sung by Julie Filex

Angela Davis recalls her experiences.

1968 As It Really Was – Remember It?

What Did The 60s Accomplish?

For some written, historical perspective, have a look at the following.

American Cultural History – Lone Star College, Kingwood, Texas

The Sixties – A Chronology of Events

Popular Culture of the Sixties

Missing the Sixties: An obsession with political power as the wellspring of meaningful living is at the root of all that was wrong about New Left ideology. From

Boom – A review of Tom Brokaw’s book.

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