Baby Boomer social media

Boomers Spreading Their Influence on Social Networks

I have been using the internet from its inception. I was in on gopher, wais and the internet’s other predecessors. The widespread use of the web today absolutely amazes me.

On one of my other blogs, Stories of Africa, I just posted a story of how mobile technology (cell phones and PDAs) are assisting Africa in healthcare and other areas of development.

I came across statistics today that show just how quick the social media, of the internet, is affecting another sector of the world, Baby Boomers.  Yea, I am with you, I do not like the term Baby Boomers, but the stats are very interesting.

“Take a look at the soon-to-retire young Boomers, and that number is even greater: half (47 percent) of internet users aged 50-64 use social media now, an 88 percent growth from the previous year. The number of Facebook users in the U.S. aged 55 and older grew from around 1 million in early 2009 to 10 million in early 2010, according to, a website that tracks Facebook data.” Click here to read the entire story from CBS news.

Here is what Baby Boomers are paying attention to on social media networks.

Baby Boomers social media


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